This year’s Wine and Whiskers was the best yet!

We would like to dedicate our blog today as a follow-up for our Wine and Whiskers event back in early November. Thanks to all of the dedication and hard work of our staff members and volunteers as well as the generous donations from those who attended and the local businesses who donated for the auction, we reached our fundraising goal for the shelter!

Events like this keep the shelter open and running and continuing our mission of “putting pets with people.” We want you to know that we couldn’t have done it without you. Your donations and your generosity don’t just help the shelter, but help every single animal that comes into our care needing warmth, hope, and love.

So here is a great big thank you to everyone who helped: donors, businesses, volunteers, staff members. Thank you!


Hey there, animal lovers. We know that the shelter can be a little bit out of the way for a lot of people. But, all November long we’ve got an adoption event going on at the PetSmart in Columbia. These kitty ambassadors will be at PetSmart all month long. As they get adopted new ones will be added. Won’t you bring a new family member home for the Holidays?

If you’re interested in coming out and meeting these kitties, the ones currently calling PetSmart CoMo their home are the lovely Starr pictured above, Binx, Edgar, Gus, Juicy Fruit, Karen, King, Sig, and Sparky.

Just because they aren’t in the shelter right now doesn’t mean they don’t come with the same adoption promises offered in the shelter. These are still CMHS adoptable cats current on vaccinations and everything else. They are 100% ready to come home with you!

Come out to PetSmart and meet these kitties today!


Come out to CMHS and Introduce yourself to Dexter

Dexter is an incredibly sweet and handsome beagle/pit mix. He’s about four years old and not very big. Dexter certainly thinks of himself as a lap dog. When it comes to personality, Dexter has a big one. He’s got a much bigger heart than his size would suggest and loves to be cuddled.

If you sit and pet him, he won’t leave your side. He bonds with people very easily and likes pretty much anyone who will give him love and affection. Dexter will stick right by your side. He loves people so much and is truly a companion dog. He’s making great progress with training too, already knows some commands like sit and come. He’s housebroken and would make a great inside family dog.

Even though his breed would make you think he’s a really energetic dog, he’s incredibly calm and laid back, just loves to sit, get petted, and watch the world go by. That doesn’t mean Dexter doesn’t have fun. He’s pretty good at fetch and loves tennis balls and sticks. Dexter also is relatively good with other dogs, especially calm ones. He gets along with girl dogs a lot better than boy dogs, so he’s quite the ladies’ man. Still, Dexter would probably do better as the only dog in a home.

Come out to CMHS today, brave the chilly winter weather, and play some fetch with this guy. He’s probably one of the most lovable dogs around and won’t hesitate to steal your heart and let you give him some belly rubs!

For more information about Dexter, you can click here. To see some more pictures of Dexter, click the photos below:

Every ANimal Needs a Home, Even the older ones!

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month. We talked about some of the perks of adopting a senior pet during Less Adoptable Pet Week back in September, but here’s a refresher:

  • Senior pets are generally already well trained. They are usually housebroken and know basic commands. You won’t have to give them a lot of training to make them a perfect fit for your home. Cats, especially, know when it’s okay to bite and scratch, use a litter box, etc.
  • With a senior pet, you know exactly what you’re getting in terms of size and personality. There’s no big changes left.
  • Senior animals are more laid back. They’ve outgrown the energy of being puppies and kittens so trying to keep up with them isn’t a problem. Usually they’re content to relax and live out their golden years with love and affection.


Senior pets are really hard to place in good homes. Bringing one into your home may truly save a life!

If you’re interested in bringing a senior pet home, we have some great options at the shelter right now.


  • We have King, an American Pit Bull Terrier/Basset Hound mix at 8 years and 10 months who’s a really good boy, fully housebroken and incredibly friendly!
  • There’s Miley, a sweet and loving seven-year-old Jack Russell Terrier Mix who loves all kinds of people
  • Sparky, one of our long-haired cats out at PetsMart right now who comes in at 8 years old.
  • There’s also Sami, a fostercare long-haired Persian mix cat, about 15 years old, who is incredibly polite and sweet.
  • Finally, Princess Kate is waiting in the cat room. She’s a Norwegian Forest Cat mix about 9 years old who loves to get and give affection.

Please seriously consider bringing one of these amazing pets into your family today, we promise they won’t disappoint you!

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