“End the Bullying of Bully Breeds!”

Oct. 25th is Pit Bull Awareness Day

We’ve made it through Pit Bull Awareness Month. Today, Oct. 25th, is where it all sort of comes together. Hopefully, you’ve learned about what amazing dogs Pitties can be and you’re willing to give them a chance. Or, if you already love Pibbles, maybe we’ve made you love them even more. Either way, we cannot stress enough that these pups are just like every other dog: they aren’t mean, they aren’t aggressive, and they need homes.

Even if you don’t want to bring a new pet into your home, come meet a Pit Bull at the shelter so you can see how loving and sweet they really are. And spread the word!

So, here is the final graphic we’ve made for you explaining why there’s all of this effort to get people to fall in love with this breed:

Pitbull Infographic3Remember that Pick the Pit Poll we did? Here are the results:
  • 53.3% of the people who responded correctly identified the Pit Bull breed dog (Dog K) based on the pictures.
  • The dog picked the second-most with 13.3% is actually a Cane Corso (Dog B).
  • The rest of the results were split:
    • 6.67% – Presa Canario (C)
    • 6.67% – Ambullneo Mastiff (D)
    • 6.67% – Ca de Bou (E)
    • 6.67% – Boxador (J)
    • 6.67% – Panja Mastiff (L)

Here are the breeds actually pictured in the image you saw. How did you do?

Dogs copy

As part of this month dedicated to getting a very lovable breed some much-needed love, we want to introduce you to our pibbles you can come meet down at the shelter. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a brand new family member!


This smiley American Pit Bull Terrier Rottweiler mix is one happy-go-lucky pup. He’s about two and a half years old and loves people more than you might think possible. He’s good with other dogs and has plenty of energy. He’d make a good addition to an active home. He’s really sweet and a big fan of getting attention from people.


Duncan’s an American Pit Bull Terrier Boxer mix. He can be a bit shy at first but once you get to know him, he’ll roll over for a belly rub anytime. He’s very sweet and gets along well with other dogs. He likes making friends and has a ton of potential to be a great family dog. Plus, just look at that sweet face!


This beautiful boy is just bursting with personality. He can be a bit of a ham sometimes but it’s just because he loves to play. He’s great with other dogs that can live up to his energy and he’s incredibly smart – quickly learning great manners and all the basic commands. He loves people, especially entertaining them with his silly, playful attitude. Dutch is really the perfect pet for almost anyone!


Eeyore is a sweet and loving two-yea-old Pit Bull Terrier. He can be a little nervous but once he warms up, he’s very laid back. He’s pretty content to lounge around all day and get loved on. He does well with other pets so long as they’re introduced slowly. He’d be a great addition to a home with a relaxed atmosphere.


Two-year-old Lainey is a sweet little girl who loves snuggles and cuddles. She’s lived with other dogs before so she wouldn’t be a problem in a multiple dog home. Just make sure the introductions are slow. Not only is she a certified snuggle-bug, but she also loves to play, making her compatible with pretty much everyone she meets.

So, come down to the shelter and meet these snuggly pups. We can guarantee they’ll steal your hearts with their smiley faces and big personalities.¬†


The Myths and Facts about Pits

There are a lot of myths, rumors, and just incorrect information circulating about Pit Bull breeds and this week, we want to debunk some of those myths!Pitbull Infographic2


So, if you can’t tell from our graphic up here, Pit Bulls are some of the friendliest and gentlest dogs around that have mouths no scarier than any other breed. And they need help. Why do they need help? Stay tuned for another graphic coming next week!

We’re still taking responses from our poll last week and we’ll let you know how you all did on October 25th – Pit Bull Awareness Day. If you haven’t tried our little quiz yet, you really should get over there and check it out!


October is Pit Bull Awareness Month!

To celebrate, we’re semi-dedicating our blog to trying to help out an incredibly misunderstood group of breeds that need as much love as every other dog out there.¬†That means we won’t shy away from talking up these incredibly love-a-bull pooches. You got a sense a few weeks ago of what makes Pit Bull breeds less adoptable, but we’re going to take things up a notch and talk about the myths, the facts, and the statistics.

We see a lot of Pit Bull breeds come in and out of the shelter and tons of shelters across the United States. What breaks our hearts is that some people won’t even give them a chance when they see them. People think they’re aggressive, have locking jaws, or are just mean dogs. But none of that is necessarily true.

Our goal for the month is to dispel some of the rumors and misconceptions that people have about this wonderful group of dogs and hopefully find fur-ever homes for the ones in our shelter.

So, keep your eyes open for a series of infographics about pitties, some featured bullies in our shelter, and some other features to be running on our blog until it culminates in the official Pit Bull Awareness Day, October 25th.

But to kick things off, let’s start out by identifying what a Pit Bull is:

Pitbull Infographic1x

So, do you think you’ve got it down? If you think you can accurately identify what a Pit Bull breed is, I recommend you take a quick poll that will test that knowledge. Don’t worry, it will be fun!

Don’t worry, we’ll let you know how you did in a few days. But can you see some of the problems here when it comes to the bad reputations Pit Bulls have? Just to summarize:

  • Three different dog breeds are categorized as Pit Bulls (not an actual breed) and they aren’t considered separate breeds when looking at bite statistics, which causes the stats to be higher than they really are.
  • Lots of dogs – mixed breeds and other purebred breeds – look like Pit Bull breeds and are wrongfully called Pit Bulls by breeders, owners, vets, and even shelters which causes those same bite statistics to be higher than they are.

So, remember that not everything with a square head and a strong body is necessarily a Pit Bull. Also, remember that these dogs’ bad reputations aren’t necessarily true.

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